Workout Wypes

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Instructions for use:
1. Attach armband to forearm or bicep.
2. Break seal of new dispenser by opening then reseal.
3. Attach dispenser to armband.
4. Open dispenser and remove moistened wipe.
5. Clean equipment prior to use then proceed with workout.
6. When dispenser is empty, discard dispenser, but retain armband.
7. Purchase twin pack dispensers for future workouts.

Introducing a brand new way of protecting yourself against the spread of the bacteria that bask on gym equipment found in even the most sanitary of fitness facilities. Workout Wypes is a personal anti-bacterial dispensed wipe that you conveniently wear and use to kill bacteria and pathogens that may be located on fitness equipment prior to use.

Workout Wypes is formulated with the non-alcohol ingredient Benzalkonium chloride,  an antiseptic used to prevent and kill infection in minor cuts and wounds, that reduces and inhibits the spread of germs on your hands, body, and face without drying your skin while killing on contact 99.7% of the bacteria and pathogens found on fitness equipment such as Staph (MRSA), HPV, E. Coli, Candida, and Influenza.

Incorporate Workout Wypes into your daily workout routine and increase your odds of staying healthy during your efforts at becoming healthier.

WORKOUT WYPES...   Dont Workout Without It!!!

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